15 Snapchat Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

snapchat tricks and hacks

Snapchat Tricks: We have been so occupied by the bloom crown and pup channels that we didn’t think about a portion of Snapchat’s shrouded jewels.

For this post, we tried a huge amount of highlights we didn’t know were accessible to us.

Snapping and sending pics is simple – be a Snapchat super client by fusing these thoughts into your accounts each week.

15 Snapchat Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

1. Casing Your Snaps with Characters


With Snapchat Tricks, it is anything but difficult to utilize characters for outskirts and casings. Basically snap a picture in Snapchat, inscription it with a solitary letter (you can do this by choosing the “T” symbol). Select the biggest content size while making the inscription.

A while later, amplify the picture it until it makes an outskirt. Move the content around until you’re satisfied with the position. Final product – you will have an out of control fringe that will be the jealousy of different snappers.

2. Include More Detail with Zoom – Snapchat Tricks

Include More Detail with Zoom

On the off chance that you need to utilize Snapchat to flaunt aesthetic abilities, your telephone’s zoom is ideal for making some genuine perfect works of art.

You can utilize the element on the two iOS and Android gadgets – opening your telephone’s Settings.

Android User:

  • Snap on Accessibility
  • Pick Vision
  • Go to Magnification Gestures
  • Empower the Zoom include

iOS Users:

  • Snap on General and choose Accessibility
  • Go to the Vision area
  • Empower Zoom
  • Snap Show Controller
  • Select Window or Full Screen under Zoom Region
  • Enter 15x under Maximum Zoom Level

3. Include Music – Snapchat Tricks


Snaps are cool all alone, however they are surprisingly better with music.

You have to have great planning for this to work – start by opening your preferred music application and finding the melody you need to play. At that point you begin recording your video on Snapchat. Ensure you push record during your preferred piece of the tune with the goal that it tends to be remembered for your video.

4. Go Quiet with Your Videos – Snapchat Tricks


Imagine a scenario in which you need a pleasant and calm video. Foundation commotion can transform a decent video into a calamity, which you can take out with the tap of your finger.

Record your video and then snap the amplifier symbol. This will expel the commotion from your video. You are currently prepared to send your video out.

5. Include Your Own Captions and Drawings to “Find” Content

You are perusing through substance from Snapchat’s Discover accomplices and you see something you need to share. Tap on it and then hold it down – Snapchat will open it up as a draft, and you could include your drawings or subtitles. You can send it out to your companions.

It is significant that you can’t share Snapchat Discover substance to your Story, it is just intended to be shared among companions. Along these lines, adding inscriptions and drawings to “Find” Content likely won’t be a significant piece of your internet based life the board endeavors.

6. Get Colorful with Your Lettering

You can utilize an alternate shading for each letter in a word – start by inscribing your snap. You should get the biggest content size accessible, so click the “T” symbol when you need to subtitle the snap.

Pick a shading from the shading palette. At that point, select a word in the inscription and snap Select. This features the word. Move the feature so it is over a letter in the word. At that point, modify the shading. Keep on doing this in the event that you have a multi-hued word.

7. State More with Your Snaps – Snapchat Tricks

Start by opening Notes on your telephone – hit Return once for each line that you need to make. For instance, on the off chance that you need five lines of content, hit Return multiple times.

Duplicate the unfilled lines and then move over to Snapchat. Make your Snap and snap the “T” symbol. Next, glue the lines that you duplicated, at that point pick a line and begin composing. Right now, can without much of a stretch fill your snap with content.

8. Play “Pin the Emoji”

Do you played pin the jackass when you were a youngster? Presently the time has come to play pin the emoticon. Just this time, you are going to utilize a moving objective.


Record a video that incorporates a moving article – get done with shooting and go to the review screen. There, you will see an emoticon symbol – click on it and pick your ideal emoticon. Resize it to the fitting confiduration, drag it over to the objective in the video. Hold it there till Snapchat begins the video back up. What’s more, your emoticon will play follow the pioneer with the moving objective.

9. Open Your Color Palette

In the event that you have an Android gadget, all your shading alternatives are accessible in the shading palette. The equivalent isn’t valid for iOS gadget proprietors – you should do a smidgen of work to open everything up. When you do as such, you could include the different hues and shades to your Snaps.

On the off chance that you need to attract dark, open your shading palette at that point drag your finger to the base and dark will appear.

On the off chance that you need to go with white, pick the rainbow shading palette at that point move your finger to the upper left hand part of the screen. You can open different shades of hues by picking a shading and moving your finger over the screen.

10. Change from Selfie to Point-of-View

Exchanging between selfie and perspective mode may appear to be an errand, however it is a ‘No brainer’ with Snapchat. Twofold tap the screen to do the switch.

11. Make an Emoji Filter

Do you have a most loved emoticon? Assuming this is the case, transform it into a channel.

Choosing an emoticon, alongside the shading you need your channel. Next, place the emoticon toward the edge of the screen, and make the emoticon greater. As it gets greater, it’ll need to return to the center of the screen, however keep on pushing it toward the corner. The edges of the screen will be semi-straightforward and will go about as the channel.

12. Get Engaged in a Fun and Easy Way


On the off chance that you are speaking to a brand, commitment is significant to making deals. Snapchat makes this simple – request that individuals send you a message, send a pre-developed message back with a coupon code/some other source of inspiration to connect with the client.

To do this, select a username and swipe directly on it – this will open up the Chat highlight.

At that point, click on the picture symbol and select a photograph. Customize it and you’ll be a great idea to go.

13. Get Creative with the Volume Buttons

Your telephone’s volume catches are not only for volume control – you can likewise utilize them to record recordings and take photographs when utilizing Snapchat. You can utilize earbuds that incorporate the volume control include.

14. Spare Your Data with Travel Mode


In the event that you are all over the place while snapping, you can catch fire some genuine information – spare it by empowering Travel Mode. In Travel Mode,

Snap on the phantom symbol when you open Snapchat. There, you will see an apparatus symbol – tap on it and go to ‘Extra Services’. Select ‘Oversee’ and snap to empower Travel Mode.


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